A Check In and a Check-Up

I haven’t written in months. In part, it’s laziness, but in truth, it’s difficult to write daily about a chronic disease. Blogging regularly is a constant reminder of what’s wrong with your body, and that’s sometimes a bit too much for the mental and emotional health. Now, I’m not ignoring my endo. I take a pill every day, I strictly follow the endo diet, and I still end up on the couch with a heating pad — so there’s no way this isn’t a routine part of my existence, but I’ve been having trouble writing about it. It’s easier to order a taco without cheese, eat it, and move on with life than it is to order a taco without cheese and then contemplate how to turn that into a blog post about all the things endo has taken from you. Babies, mozzarella sticks, the ability to go through life without pain and bloating… there are a lot of things, and sometimes it’s overwhelming.

But, I guess that’s also kind of the reason I started this blog, because it is hard and there aren’t enough people talking about it. So, I’m going to try to post regularly again…but no promises.

I had my yearly gyno appointment two weeks ago. My surgeon has taken over these routine exams because he wants to be able to check in with me semi-regularly. (Sidenote: While I know this man has literally seen my insides, it was still awkward to have him do a pap.) Anyway, everything went well, and he said that my uterus is no longer tipped. It’s attached to my abdominal wall, but it was also deviated that way, and he said that it seems to have corrected itself post-surgery. While of course it’s always good to have your organs in the correct place, he said it’s also good because then if it tips back, it’ll likely be an indication that the endo is growing back. ┬áSo, thanks to my uterus, I guess?